Government Relations

It is extremely difficult for any individual company or producer to influence government relations issues. However, by working together as an industry, our collective voices are heard. UEP's government relations program responds to issues as they arise, and works proactively to advance our own agenda. Here are some issues we're working on right now.

Our Washington team has over a century of combined experience in government affairs. The team includes two former chiefs of staff for the Senate Agriculture Committee; the former head of poultry programs at USDA; and two former Deputy Under Secretaries of Agriculture.

We involve egg producers in setting policy, testifying before Congress, and lobbying both legislators and executive agencies. You are your own best lobbyist!

The UEP Washington team includes professionals from three top-flight DC firms. Cornerstone Government Affairs handles most of the lobbying and legislative activities and most of the agency and regulatory activities are handled by Watson Green, LLC. Both organizations have deep expertise in animal agriculture and food safety issues and work together seamlessly. UEP also works with Bayard Ridge Consulting on a host of environmental and conservation related issues.

We add to our strength by working together with other poultry, livestock, agriculture and food industry groups on issues of common interest. Together, all of our groups become more effective by speaking with one voice.

• Animal Welfare
• Ethanol Policy and Feed Prices
• Commodity Purchase Programs
• Salmonella Enteritidis
• Model State Legislation on Animal Welfare
• Avian Influenza
• Food Safety Legislation and Regulation Environmental Issues
• Animal ID
• 2010 Dietary Guidelines and Cholesterol
• FDA Food Safety Regulations
• Clean Water, Clean Air and Other
• Foreign Trade Barriers to U.S. Egg Exports
• User Fees